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Coordinate : 41° 20´ N - 2° 10´ E
Barcellona (Barcelona) è la capitale della Catalogna, una regione autonoma del nord-est della Spagna.È situata in pianura sul mare . Con una popolazione di 1.582.738 abitanti in città e 4.667.136 nell' area metropolitana, Barcellona è la seconda città di Spagna per numero di abitanti.

Barcellona is the home port for the arrival and departure of many Mediterranean cruises. The five operating terminals, the different wharfs and the diverse installations are in the very centre of the city and have efficient connection with the city itself and the railway stations and the airport.The Port of Barcelona is cofounder and member of the Medcruise association, which works to stimulate and to promote the Mediterranean ports as points of tourist destination. All this turns the Port of Barcelona into a model and a reference to be followed in the tourist cruise sphere.
The Port of Barcelona is the main transport and services infrastructure located in Catalonia, one of the four motor regions of Europe. Its area of influence stretches through the south and centre of Europe and North Africa. The Port of Barcelona is the logistics gate that links markets as far distant as the Far East and Latin America. It is a port whose continued increase, both in goods and passengers, have placed it in a leading position among the Mediterranean ports. This leading position goes back a long way. The first wharves were built in the Middle Ages, with the Catalan expansion into the Mediterranean. During the 18th and 19th Centuries, with the bustling trade with the colonies, the Port of Barcelona managed to establish itself as one of the main ports for overseas trade. It has maintained this important role to this day: the 426 shipping lines that regularly link it with 400 ports of the five continents place it firmly as the main Spanish port for regular lines. With traffic close to 35 million tonnes, more than 1,700,000 containers, 650,000 new vehicles and 1,900,000 passengers in 2003, the Port of Barcelona is one of the leading ports of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

Port facilities :Electric Power: 220 V - Fuel Station: near -Water-Waste removal- ICE-W.C./Showers-Laundry -Boat Maintenance -Battery Charging-Security-Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment repairs- Fire protection-Crane-Sail repair-Post Box-Car & Trailer Parking- Restaurants / Bars-Internet service-Bank Services (ATM) – Currency-Shuttle Transportation / Taxis- Doctor / First Aid Service-Pharmacy-Dry docking

Contact:Port Telephone: 932216521 - VHF Ch 9 - Emergency ph 932234733 Salvamento Marítimo - Port Authority: Director’s Office Tel.: 93 306 88 02 / Fax: 93 306 88 13 -Marketing and Comercial Tel.: 93 306 88 04 / Fax: 93 306 88 17

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